Marketers & Networks

AdSpirit offers Marketers/Networks the flexibility and security, to successfully implement your ideas and strategies. With our Premium-AdServer, AdSpirit, you can manage/optimize/evaluate your digital advertising campaigns faster and more efficient. You can raise your earnings and sales, and shorten the time of your ROI.

Just right for you:
  • Full control of all campaigns & creatives
  • No more waiting for reports – all numbers clear and immediately
  • All tools in one: Display, Video, Affiliate, RealTime Bidding, much more ...
  • Powerful with optimizing, targeting and extensive tracking-features

And the most important:
Save up to 30% of cost and working time.

Marketers/Network Package
All modules that are important for marketers & networks. Amongst others: Video, Mobile, ReTargeting, Tracking, Header Bidding, Accounting, CRM, ads.txt
10,000,000 Banner
250,000 Videos
240 EUR / month
Advanced Package
All module of the Marketers/Network Package plus: Newsletter, Affilitate, Google AdSense, Google Analytics, Customer Journey, AdBlock Buster, Media planning
30,000,000 Banner
400,000 Videos
480 EUR / month
Custom Package
All modules the AdServer has to offer. Full range of functions with the volumes you define.
from 100,000,000 Banner
from 1,000,000 Videos
Individual price
Your own domain for administration, delivery and CDN.
+200 EUR / month
RealTime Bidding
Up to  1,000 QPS for your RealTime Bidding
+850 EUR / month
More than 500 clients already use AdSpirit AdServer
Keep track of everything with AdSpirit

With realtime/live reporting, you keep track of all your campaigns. Use the extensive reporting to optimize your campaigns. Whether to improve chosen targetings or control a chosen capping. With a few clicks you receive information to the economic and profit-enhancing campaign management.

Creative types

AdSpirit supports all for now known standard- and special creative types, whether rich-media, video- or mobile-Ads. Upload your creatives via the mass upload in the system and use the intelligent support of AdSpirit. No matter if your creatives are provided as ZIP, RAR file, HTML or Text document. (forms of advertising in detail)

New: The AdSpirit Marketplace

With the new AdSpirit Marktplace, AdSpirit Clients can connect with each other  in the most easy way. Simply login, create offer and getting found by other clients. This way you can find new business partner and increase your revenue!

AdSpirit provides you as a marketer/network with the flexibility and security to successfully implement your ideas and strategies. With our premium ad server AdSpirit, you can manage, evaluate and optimise your digital advertising campaigns faster and more efficiently, increase sales and earnings and reduce the time to achieve your ROI.

Easy administration, quick reporting
No need to wait a long time for reports – all figures set out clearly and available immediately
All tools under one roof: Display, Video, Affiliate, AdSense, and many more
Sales increase significantly thanks to strong optimisation
And the most important thing: Save up to 30% in costs and work time
Efficiency and ergonomics

With AdSpirit you book complex Rich Media and Video campaigns with only a few clicks in realtime. Save time and money! Go live with campaigns with only a few steps and most less time. A lot of diverse wizzard functions are implemented for support, if needed.

Increase profits with Real-Time Bidding

The RealTime Bidding-module enables the realtime sell of creatives on appropriate marketplaces. Bids will be collected live for every impression and therefore you will receive the  highest possible price. Achieve optimal utilization at the lowest possible cost for your advertising. (more about RTB...)

Personalized Dashboard

With the new AdSpirit dashboard you get more flexibility for your Ad Management. Our new dashboard presents campaign data and network reports with the help of individual configurable widgets. Keep your KPIs in check. Adjust your dashboard accordingly to your conditions and keep track.

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