Forms of advertising

The AdSpirit AdServer offers you all the standard advertising forms and technologies you need to successfully place online advertising.

Video Ads

With integrated video ads by AdSpirit you are certain to gain the maximum attention of your target groups. Motion pictures are in and AdSpirit video ads allow easy and flexible use of this technology. You can create, optimise and evaluate video campaigns as usual with AdSpirit's convenient interface.

Video Features
  • Pre-rolls, mid-rolls, post-rolls, video banners and video interstitials etc. possible
  • Compatible with almost every video player
  • Extensive configuration options
  • Player design can be flexibly adjusted
  • Supports current IAB VAST and VPAID standards
  • Integrated video converter for easy use
Forms of advertising
  • Any format (FSB, BSB, Sky, WideSky, ContentAd etc.)
  • Popups, popunders, layers, banderoles
  • HTML advertising media
  • Expandable ads
  • Video ads (pre-roll, mid-roll, post-roll, video banners, …)
  • Tandem
  • Wallpaper
  • Prestitials/interstitials
  • Triple banners and ad media in ad media formats
  • And many more
Mobile advertising

With AdSpirit you can easily and flexibly place display, affiliate, RTB, and mobile advertising directly from a single AdServer. Use AdSpirit to target mobile users - without much effort.

Mobile Web and inApp advertising

With AdSpirit you can place advertising in mobile websites and also directly in apps (mobile applications). AdSpirit supports the three most common and widely used operating systems: Apple iOS (iPhone or iPad), Google Android and Windows Mobile.
SDKs are also available for all three to ensure the best possible delivery of advertising in mobile apps.

On the road with video advertising

As one of the first AdServers, AdSpirit also offers a solution for mobile video advertising for all three operating systems. And it's just as easy as you've come to expect from AdSpirit: Simply upload your video, the AdServer takes care of the rest. To do this, AdSpirit has an internal video converter to adapt the video to the respective end device. As a special feature, the AdServer also shows a preview slide show for users who do not have a video-capable hand.

Future-proof with AMP

To be able to display mobile web pages faster, Google has developed the AMP format. As one of the first AdServers, AdSpirit already supports the integration of AdSpirit advertising in websites accelerated with AMP!

Native Advertising

The new buzzword in online marketing is called Native Advertising, and of course the AdSpirit AdServer also understands how to deal with this exciting topic and simply run campaigns.

What is Native Advertising?

Native advertising is advertising that is not immediately recognizable as such because it fits perfectly into the rest of the website content. Such advertising is usually not a flashy blinking banner ad but an image/text ad adapted to the website in font, color and design.

Native Advertising with AdSpirit

Thanks to its fully customizable templates, the AdSpirit AdServer allows you to implement almost any type of image/text advertising and integrate it seamlessly into the website. At the same time, you can of course track and optimize all KPIs of your ads as usual and control them precisely via targeting.

AdSpirit AdServer & Google Adsense

AdSpirit is one of the few ad servers worldwide to possess a direct interface with Google AdSense. Publishers enjoy unique opportunities and save extensive time and effort.

What is Google Adsense?

Google AdSense is a program from Google in which publishers can participate, in order to post adverts from Google customers on their web pages and thereby generate advertising income.

The adverts that Google posts in this way are aligned with the webpage contents and therefore match more specifically with the interests of the site visitor. This in turn ensures higher click rates and improved incomes.

AdSpirit AdServer + Google Adsense

With AdSpirit it is now easy to use Google AdSense. You can activate the integrated Google AdSense module with a single click in your ad server, whereupon you can get started right away. Regardless of whether you are entirely new to this or already have an account with Google AdSense, you simply connect AdSense with AdSpirit and generate advertisements or view your Google statistics directly in the AdSpirit ad server.


The deep integration of Google AdSense in the AdSpirit ad server offers you unique advantages:

  • Simplest management
  • Switching back and forth between the ad server and AdSense is no longer necessary
  • Generate Google AdSense advertising material directly in the ad server
  • View Google AdSense advert incomes in the ad server
  • Possible to make direct comparisons between AdSense and other advertisements
  • Improved optimisation options
  • Higher incomes
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