Media planning

With the AdSpirit ad sever, media planning is finally simple! With it, you have a constant overview of all quotes, planning and campaigns as well as live statistics and tracking data. Manage any number of media plans and flights in just a few steps, and save extensive time through automatic quotation requests and the simple conversion of quotations into campaigns.

Integrated media planning in AdSpirit AdServer

With AdSpirit, media planning is an integral part of the ad server. Set the old Excel lists and table sheets aside and manage media plans directly in your ad server with ease.

  • Integrated media planning
  • Access to media plans from any location, at any time
  • No more Excel files are lost or exist in many different versions
  • Media plans are visible to all planners and ad managers at any time – everyone knows what there is to be done
  • Quotation request directly from the ad server
  • Codes sent directly from the ad server
  • Live statistics for all booked campaigns in a clear plan
  • Immediately see which campaigns lie behind the target
  • = save extensive time!
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