Optimization & Statistics

Optimization, statistics, automation, targeting & re-targeting

Optimization and statistics in AdSpirit AdServer

To ensure that you reach the desired target group as accurately as possible and avoid wastage, AdSpirit offers you numerous options for optimizing your campaigns.

  • Frequency Capping
  • CTR Optimization
  • Diverse optimization goals (lead/sales generation, CPM/CPC/CPL/CPO goals)
  • Automatic control with yield optimization
  • Affiliate optimization
  • Trackingpixel
  • and much more

With AdSpirit you are always up to date and always have an overview of all data. In contrast to many other systems, you don't have to create reports first and wait a long time for the result - with AdSpirit you click on your statistics and immediately receive all data live and complete. No long waiting time, no preliminary data, no projections and no partial data, but everything now and immediately!

  • AdSpirit offers high-performance, personalizable live statistics
  • Tabular or graphic display, over 150 columns/values can be freely combined
  • Flexible grouping and filters (time, publisher, website, ad space, customer, campaign, web media, tracking, subrequests, agents, etc.)
  • Exports (CSV, XLS, PDF, HTML, Mail)
  • Cross Visiting
  • User Targeting
  • Distribution of hours and countries
  • Browser/OS/Language
  • Provider/Bandwidth
  • and much more
  • Automatic campaign planning and control
  • Integrated Screenshot Tool
  • Easy mass upload for creatives
  • tracking switch
  • Accounting module
  • Mail Reporting
  • and much more
AdSpirit supports various targetings
  • Geo/IP
    The geotargeting used by AdSpirit can reach exactly the region you want to reach, from very large (countries) to very small (places). The accuracy within Germany is also very precise, currently around 75%.
  • User profile
    As one of the few ad servers on the market, AdSpirit has built-in user profiling. Here, individual users can be addressed specifically and individually based on defined criteria such as age, gender, income or interests, thus enabling a particularly targeted delivery of campaigns.
  • Provider
  • bandwidth
  • Browser
  • OS
  • language
  • Parameter-targeting
  • Third-Party integration
  • and much more

AdSpirit is one of the first providers to integrate comprehensive retargeting functions that enable you to recognize users in a targeted manner and address them with special offers. This increases the relevance of advertising for the individual user and allows, for example, purchase dropouts to be specifically addressed with special offers.

Individual banners & data protection

AdSpirit understands the fears of users and therefore provides the highest level of data protection and security for the individual user. For this reason, for example, no personal data is linked to targeting, nor is it used in any other way.

Despite our high data protection requirements, AdSpirit is nevertheless able to use particularly targeted re-targeting techniques:

  • Users can be marked and recognized
  • Products that a user has viewed in a shop can be integrated live and automatically into banner templates
  • AdSpirit can recognize similar products and add product suggestions to viewed articles
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