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We'll show you how you can increase your ad revenue by up to 120% using AdSpirit AdServer's intelligent technologies.

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Increase the ad revenue on your websites and lower the effort and costs for AdManagement, Reporting und Publisher support.
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Increase the ROI of your online display campaigns and reduce your workload for planning, analysing and implementing your campaigns.
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AdSpirit AdServer

AdSpirit is an ad serving system, a professional ads server providing all of the important functions. It is stable, flexible and allows very efficient ad management.

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AdSpirit is an ad serving system, a professional ads server providing all of the important functions. It is stable, flexible and allows very efficient ad management. AdSpirit has been designed specifically for the needs of publishers, online marketers & networks as well as advertisers & agencies allows you to manage for example as many customers, campaigns or advertising media as you like. The system also does not limit the number of publishers, websites and advertising spaces. Campaigns can be booked quickly and easily in AdSpirit, delivered automatically and optimised by the system. You can also use all modern forms of advertising such as banners (GIF, JPG, Flash), HTML advertising media (including iframes, external scripts), popups/popunders, layers, video ads and various special forms of advertising. Adserver supports you in all the online marketing areas: Display advertising, Mobile, Video, SEM, Newsletter or Affiliate – regardless of the campaigns types, all of them can be managed and analyzed with AdSpirit.

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AdSpirit provides you as a publisher with the flexibility and security to successfully implement your ideas and strategies. With our premium ad server AdSpirit, you can manage, evaluate and optimise your digital advertising campaigns faster and more efficiently, increase sales and earnings and reduce the time to achieve your ROI.

Easy administration, quick reporting
No need to wait a long time for reports – all figures set out clearly and available immediately
All tools under one roof: Display, Video, Affiliate, AdSense, and many more
Sales increase significantly thanks to strong optimisation
And the most important thing: Save up to 30% in costs and work time
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About us was developed at the end of 2002 by arejo GmbH ( as an independent ad server solution and provides an ad serving platform for publishers/advertisers, marketers and agencies. AdSpirit is a Linux-based system with an Apache server and mySQL as the database server. The servers are configured for high load and therefore also provide maximum performance at busy times.
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