AdServer features

Take a look at the most important AdSpirit AdServer features: Modules, Ad forms, Targeting, Re-targeting, RealTime Bidding (RTB), Mobile, Optimisation, Statistics, Media planning, Ergonomics and much more ...

What's behind the AdSpirit AdServer?

The AdSpirit ad server offers everything the heart desires. In order to provide you with something of an impression of the expansive functions of the AdSpirit ad server, we have listed a small extract of its features here.

  • Display advertising
  • RealTime Bidding
  • Affiliate platform
  • SEM support
  • Mobile creatives
  • Video creatives
  • Newsletter support
  • Retargeting
  • Customer Journey
  • Media planning
  • AdBlock Buster (Anti AdBlocker)
  • Google AdSense
  • Google Analytics
  • Invoices / Credit notes
  • CRM
  • OBA /
  • and many more

Ad forms
  • Banners (all sizes) e.g. as JPEG, GIF, PNG, etc
  • HTML5 creatives
  • Automatic ClickTag recognition & multiple ClickTags
  • HTML advertising media & third party ads, e.g. as IFrame, Script, etc
  • Special ad forms, including:
    • Popups / Popunder
    • Layer & banderole
    • Wallpaper & tandems (incl. background colouring)
    • Interstitials
    • Expandables, Sidebar
    • Triple ads
    • Text/image ads, Native Ads
    • Takeover
    • Parallax, Sidekick
    • and many more
  • Video advertising (Video-banner, Pre-Rolls, Mid-Rolls, Post-Rolls, VAST, VPAID, Video-Interstitials, Video-Layer, Video-Expandables, VAST, VPAID, Waterfalls, …)
  • Third party clicktracking
  • Google AdSense
  • HTML templates
  • and many more (more information about supported forms of advertising)

  • Geotargeting
    • Country
    • State / region
    • Town
    • Postcode
  • Provider (e.g. Vodafone)
  • Bandwidths (e.g. DSL)
  • IPs/IP-Ranges
  • Browser
  • Operating system
  • Device type (e.g. Desktop, Mobile , Tablet, SmartTV)
  • Language
  • User targeting
    • e.g. Age, gender, interests, etc
  • Re-targeting (see below)
  • Parameter targeting
  • Visibility
  • Screensize, Window-size
  • Visit duration, Amount of pages
  • Weather-Targeting
  • own targetings
  • and many more (more information about Targeting)

  • Simple setup
  • Marking and recognition of users
  • Targeted response to shopping basket abandoners
  • Dynamic live alignment of advertising media
  • Integration of the shop's product database
  • Display of same or similar products on the banner, product recommendations
  • Comprehensive wizard for simple generation of templates for product banners
  • and many more (more information about Re-Targeting)

RealTime-Bidding (RTB)
  • private RTB platform: you own SSP, DSP or Exchange
  • true RealTime Bidding
  • Connect to many SSP, DSP and exchanges possible:
    • Appnexus
    • Google DoubleClick AdExchange
    • Improve Digital
    • OpenX Market
    • Pubmatic
    • Rubicon Project
    • MediaMath
    • Smaato
    • MobFox
    • and many more
  • All optimisation and targeting features compatible with RTB
  • Banner, Video, NativeAds, Desktop, Mobile, …
  • and many more (more information about RTB)

  • Mobile banner & HTML advertising media
  • Mobile video ads with preview function
  • Mobile web and mobile inApp advertising
  • Compatible with Apple iPhone/iPad, Google Android and Windows Mobile
  • SDKs
  • and many more (more information about mobile advertising)

Customer Journey
  • Measurement of the contact chain from first contact to order
  • Direct integration in the AdServer, simply switch on and get started
  • All online measures measurable: display, affiliate, video, SEM, SEO, newsletter, ...
  • additional touchpoints definable for measuring offline activities such as TV, print, radio, cinema etc.
  • and much more

  • Frequency-capping for campaigns and creatives
  • Automatic CTR optimisation
  • Minimum CTRs
  • Campaign optimisation & creative optimisation
  • Individual creative ratios
  • Action optimisation
  • eCPM / eCPC / eCPA / …
  • Yield optimisation
  • Historic data can be used
  • and many more (more information about optimization)

  • Real live statistics
  • Predefined and own reports
  • View reporting immediately – no lengthy wait necessary
  • Grouping and filtering function similar to Excel pivot tables possible
  • Over 150 reporting data types available for selection:
    • Publisher, web pages, placement, advertiser, campaigns, ad media, types, channel, etc
    • Date, weekday, week, month, quarter, year, etc
    • Views, clicks, CTR, visits, views per visit, requests, fill volume, etc
    • Actions, order value, conversion rate, CPA, new customers, product quantity, page impressions per order, cancellation quota, etc
    • Income, costs, yield/profit, ROI, eCPM, eCPC, etc
    • Video playtime, sound on/off, full screen on/off, pause, rewind, resume, etc
    • Targeting data, age, gender, income, interests, etc
    • Hourly breakdown
    • Country, state / region, town
    • Provider, browser, operating system, language
  • Cross-visiting statistics
  • Re-targeting statistics
  • Various graphs can be configured per statistic
  • Export function, e.g. as Excel, CSV, PDF, mail incl. automated sending and repeat function
  • and many more (more information about optimization)

Media planning
  • Mapping of media plans & flights
  • Quotes, planning phase and distribution at a glance
  • Sending of calls for quotes
  • Export of media plans incl. client’s logo to Excel spreadsheets
  • Live statistics
  • Price notice incl./excl. discounts, incl./excl. agency commission
  • Re-usable templates for advertising media
  • and many more (more information about media planning)

  • Simple layout of the interface for optimum ergonomics
  • Meaningful links and logical processes
  • Various wizards for simple setup, e.g. of:
    • Publisher
    • Web pages
    • Advertising space
    • Advertiser
    • Campaigns
    • and many more
  • “Intelligent” tools for faster workflows, incl.:
    • Screenshot tool
    • Video convertor
    • Upload advertising media as ZIP or RAR files
    • Automatic setting of placeholders
    • and many more
  • Integrated calendar for improved overview of running campaigns
  • Adaptable dashboard for a rapid overview of all important data
  • and many more

Other functions
  • Integrated CRM for advertiser and publisher acquisition
  • Integrated Google AdSense platform
  • IASH-compatible functions
  • Document management
  • Integrated billing and automatic credit note generation for publishers in their design
  • Modular design
  • and many more
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