AdSpirit Support

AdSpirit guarantees an average availability of 99.9%. All components are continuously checked and regularly maintained. As a rule, the hardware structure is changed at least once a year to prevent signs of wear and tear. The software components are constantly renewed and further developed. Software updates are usually carried out on a biweekly basis in varying degrees. These updates add new features, security settings or performance tuning to the software components of the ad server.

Our Service

We take care of it so that you can use AdSpirit with maximum success! With us you will not be left alone after signing the contract or spat off with an expensive 0900 support number. Thanks to our all-round carefree package, we satisfy every customer.

Free demo access

Got interested in AdSpirit? Then test AdSpirit extensively, without time pressure and completely free of charge! We will show you how easy it is to set up an AdServer. Simply contact us - we will gladly set up a demo account for you.

Reliability / data security

For reliability purposes, all data is always stored on mirrored hard disks. In addition, daily backups of the entire database to external systems take place. All systems are protected by username/password combination and are available via SSL on request. Furthermore, internal and external firewall systems are used.

Emergency hotline & response time

A personal hotline is available around the clock for emergencies. 24-hour emergency support is available free of charge by e-mail and telephone. The response time is 4 hours.

Introduction at an all-inclusive price

With AdSpirit you keep an eye on your costs. The introduction, initial training and adaptation of AdSpirit to your CI is carried out at an all-inclusive price. So you don't pay for things you don't need! And this is what your 4 steps to success look like.

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