RealTime Bidding

Real-Time Bidding is the new buzzword in onlinemarketing and AdSpirit is one of the first german AdServer providers at the forefront!

What is RealTime Bidding?

Real-Time Bidding is the auctioning of ads in real time. Hereby the selling AdServer asks the buying AdServers for each individual impression and asks for bids.

The bids will be evaluated within milliseconds. The bidder with the highest price will receive the ad.

  • optimized utilization of placements
  • always getting the best price
  • live-exchange of booking information
  • „Cherry-Picking“ possible (only advertisements you really want)
  • possibility to work with serveral platforms
  • easy integration to existing processes as standard campaign
  • frequency-cappings, targeting and optimization can be used directly
  • using AdSpirit is possible for all RTB-usages:
    • demand-side-plattform (DSP)
    • sell-side-plattform (SSP)
    • trading-desk / agency platform
    • marketplace / ad marketplace
    • yield-optimizer
    • much more ...
AdSpirit’s Private RTB Plattform

As an indepent technology provider AdSpirit enables the direct access to SSPs, DSP and AdExchanges. The connection to partners is here exclusively between you and your partner – without detours, without third parties and without AdSpirit itself or other clients being involved. This offers many advantages, in contrary to other providers which are offering their own DSP/SSP:

DSP with AdServer function

You only have control about your campaigns. You cannot control where the traffic is coming from or who controls it. Website-relations belong to the DSP and not you.


DSP charge extra feee for every bid. Also it is intransparent if your bid is passed as it is or passed with a hidden margin added to it.


DSP only pass pieces of information to you (often only top 100 pages, no details/insights from supply side).


DSP often use data for all of their clients. Results from your bidding strategies may help other clients of the DSP.

For whom?

Small advertiser with little monthly advertising budget and little demand for information and control.

RTB Platform

Full control about inventory, customers, bidding strategies  and much more. You alone decide what happens. Advertiser- and publisher- relations are your „property“.


You receive full margin from all your bids, buy or sell side does not matter.


You have a full unfiltered view on supply and demand.


All generated and integrated data are exclusively yours with no third party having access to it.

For whom?

Advertiser with middle/big monthly advertising budget. Publisher with middle/big monthly traffic volume.

SSP with AdServer function

You have control about your websites. Often unclear which advertiser are bidding how and how much on your traffic. Advertiser are „property“ of the SSP.


SSP charge an extra fee for every bid (or the bid is already reduced by an extra fee). Also it is intransparent whether you really receive the full bidding price, or if this price is already reduced by a hidden margin.


SSP only pass pieces of information to you from demand side.


SSP often use data for all of their cliens. Results from your traffic may help other clients of the SSP.

For whom?

Small publisher with little monthly traffic volume.

Headerbidding inclusive

With AdSpirit, you can do without Headerbidding – AdSpirit can directly integrate all common DSP and AdExchanges, making  Headerbidding redundant. If you still want to, of course AdSpirit supports a problem-free integration of Headerbidding.

Supported protocols

AdSpirit innately supports serveral protocols which enables connections to the  most significant online marketplaces in realtime. Furthermore AdSpirit-Clients can trade together in the most easy and direct way.

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