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Learn how the AdSpirit AdServer can help you to boost ad revenue up to 120% with smart technology.

Publisher Package
All modules that are important to publishers. Amongst others: Video, Mobile, Newsletter, Tracking, Header Bidding, Google AdSense, AdBlock Buster, ads.txt
10,000,000 Banner
250,000 Videos
240 EUR / month
Advanced Package
All module of the Publisher Package plus: Retargeting, Accounting, CRM, Affiliate, Google Analytics, Customer Journey, Media planning
30,000,000 Banner
400,000 Videos
480 EUR / month
Custom Package
All modules the AdServer has to offer. Full range of functions with the volumes you define.
from 100,000,000 Banner
from 1,000,000 Videos
Individual price
Your own domain for administration, delivery and CDN.
+200 EUR / month
RealTime Bidding
Up to 1,000 QPS for your RealTime Bidding
+850 EUR / monat
More than 500 clients already use AdSpirit AdServer
Customers worldwide
Data centers worldwide
Active in countries
Publisher Best Practice
Case studies
  • Switched from other adserver to AdSpirit
  • Implemented new strategies & logics with AdSpirit
  • Ad Revenue increased by 120% within 6 months

Alex Tovstukha, Senior Monetization Manager:

"We are now able to setup both Desktop and Mobile web in one platform. We can now work with many more new partners & establish waterfalls. Because of that our revenue jumped to 120% within several months after starting to work with AdSpirit."

  • Switched from other adserver to AdSpirit
  • Had already implemented many strategies in the past
  • Addes serveral automation & optimization techniques with AdSpirit
  • Ad Revenue increased by 14% within only 3 months

Pascal Charpentier, CMO Urban Media GmbH:

"AdSpirit’s many optimization tools helped us to increase our revenue within a few months by more than 14%. We like the strong automation and easy setup of the adserver."

Dähne Verlag
  • Used an open source solution before they switched to AdSpirit
  • Added new revenue streams and increased the eCPMs with AdSpirit
  • Ad Revenue increased by 90% within 9 months

Thomas Heinen, Head of Sales:

"For our online publications we could nearly double our ad revenue since we switched to AdSpirit."

Publisher Best Practice

AdSpirit provides you as a publisher with the flexibility and security to successfully implement your ideas and strategies. With our premium ad server AdSpirit, you can manage, evaluate and optimise your digital advertising campaigns faster and more efficiently, increase sales and earnings and reduce the time to achieve your ROI.

Easy administration, quick reporting
No need to wait a long time for reports – all figures set out clearly and available immediately
All tools under one roof: Display, Video, Affiliate, AdSense, and many more
Sales increase significantly thanks to strong optimisation
And the most important thing: Save up to 30% in costs and work time
Publisher Best Practice
Header Bidding

AdSpirit offers an integrated Header Bidding module, which allows you to connect your SSPs, DSPs and AdExchanges directly to your adserver using prebid.js. It is a hassle-free solution without the need to bugger about with JavaScript configuration files or price transmission to the adserver. It will automatically get an report all bids from prebid.js in your AdSpirit AdServer and will ensure that all campaign (your own and external ones via Header bidding) compete live against each other and that only the highest paying campaign will be show to your visitors. This way you will optimize your ad revenue and increase your fill rate.

Clever Passback Logic

Our integrated passback logic allows you to work with advertisers that do not want to buy all of your traffic. The system will show the code of the advertiser and the advertiser can decide whether he wants to buy the impression or not. In case the impression is not bought, the advertiser will use our passback code to pass the traffic back to the adserver. The adserver will then automatically select a different campaign to show. In opposite to other passback solutions, with us you don't need to worry about creating loops or how to setup the passback: Simply enable it in campaign settings and give the passback code to your advertiser - everything else will be automatically handled by the adserver. This reduces discrepancy between partners and increases the fill rate of your traffic.

And the best: It will also work with video inventory and create optimized "waterfall-models" for your video traffic.

AdBlock Buster

The AdBlock Buster allows you to retreive traffic back, that has otherwise been blocked by adblockers. Our integrated anti-adblock solution allows you to detect if an advertising has been blocked and can then automatically show an alertnative creative that bypasses the adblocker. This can be used to either sensitise your visitors in order to disable adblockers on your website or in order to show different advertising instead and therefore increase ad revenue. Depending on country and website topic around 10-25% of the visitors are using adblockers, our solution is able to retreive around 70-80% of this traffic.

Dynamic Allocation

In opposite to many other popular adservers AdSpirit delivers campaigns using dynamic allocation. This which means that for every single impression we calculate (again) which campaign is the best match and the highest price and will choose dynamically which campaign should be shown to the visitor. This allows us to work with dynamic prices (e.g. from OpenRTB or Header bidding) as well as live optimization of campaigns by CTR, CPM or CPO. The dynamic allocation alone can increase ad revenue significantly and will unfold an even bigger impact when combined with our other features like integrated header bidding, passbacks or campaign optimization.

Publisher Best Practice
  • How high will I actually be able to increase my ad revenue?
    For our clients we see an increase of 5-25% within the first year.
  • Does your solution work with every website?
    Our solution works with all websites. If you did not yet implement things like for example Header Bidding, Google AdSense API or have an AdServer with integrated Passback logic, you will definitely profit from it.
  • Can’t one of these yield optimization companies or SSPs do this for me?
    No, yield optimizers and SSPs will only focus on optimizing their own campaigns on your traffic and will not be able to handle your advertisers. Also you should never rely on only one partner but be in control of how your inventory is sold.
  • What about Google Analytics and other tools?
    While such tools are fine for website analytics, they are mostly useless for actual ad traffic analysis. In order to understand your traffic you will need tools that are specialized for traffic and not for website content and visitors.
  • For which data do I need to look?
    In order to get a good picture you should at least know the amount of visitors, pageviews, ad views, clicks, ctr, ad revenue, eCPM and fill rate.
  • Is it complicated? Do I need to be a developer or have development skills?
    You don’t need a technological background or development skills. All you need to do is to add some lines of code to your website - everything else will be simply clicking buttons and doing settings in our interface.
  • Does it also work when I don’t want to use programmatic advertising (header bidding/RTB)?
    Yes, our technology offers many different tools in order to optimize your ad revenue. Even if you just switch your existing direct campaigns to our technology, our dynamic allocation of impressions can already increase your ad revenue.
  • How much traffic can I retrieve from AdBlockers?
    AdBlock rates vary depending on country and topic of the websites between 10 and 25%. Our AdBlock Buster usually can retrieve about 70-80% of that traffic.
  • How many ads can I place on my website?
    Mobile websites should not have more than 3 ads visible at the same time. Desktop websites can have up 4 for ads visible at the same time.
  • Why can’t I just add many ads to my website?
    The more you add, the lower the attention on each ad will be and the lower the earnings per ad. Each advertising you add to your page will also lower the earnings a bit for all other ads on the same page.
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