Optimisation & Statistics



So that you can reach your target group as precisely as possible and avoid scatter loss, AdSpirit provides you with numerous options to optim

  • Frequency capping
  • CTR optimisation
  • Numerous optimisation targets (lead/sales generation, TCP/CPC/CPL/CPO targets)
  • Automatic control with earnings optimisation
  • Affiliate optimisation
  • Tracking pixel
  • And much more

With AdSpirit you are kept up to date at all times and always have an overview of all of the data. Unlike many other systems, you do not have to generate reports beforehand and wait for the results – with AdSpirit you click on your statistics and immediately obtain all of your data live and complete. There are no long waiting times, no preliminary data, no projections and not partial data, everything is straightaway!

  • AdSpirit provides high-performance, personalisable live statistics
  • Presented in table or chart form, any combination of over 150 columns/values
  • Flexible grouping and filter (time, publisher, website, advertising space, customer, campaign, advertising medium, tracking, subrequests, arranger and many more)
  • Exports (CSV, XLS, PDF, HTML, e-mail)
  • Cross visiting
  • User targeting
  • Distribution by hour and state
  • Browser/operating system/language
  • Provider/bandwidth
  • And many more
  • Automatic campaign planning and control
  • Integrated screenshot tool
  • Easy mass upload for advertising material
  • Tracking switch
  • Billing module
  • Mail reporting
  • And much more
Jan Winkler

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Bjoern Junge
Director Sales

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Mandy Ferrer
Head of Sales

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Fabian Möbis
Sales Manager

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