Real-Time Bidding

Real-time bidding is the new buzz phrase in online marketing and AdSpirit is at the forefront as one of the first ad servers supporting OpenRTB!

What is real-time bidding?

Real-time bidding is the bidding for advertising insertions in real time. The auctioning ad server asks the customer servers for each individual insertion and obtains bids. The bids are retrieved and evaluated in milliseconds. The highest bidder wins the auction and the insertion.


  • Optimal utilisation of ads
  • The best price is always achieved
  • Pricing information exchanged live
  • “Cherry picking” possible (only buy what you really want)
  • Connections to many other platforms possible
  • Easy integration into existing processes as a normal campaign
  • Frequency capping, targeting and optimisation can be directly used at the same time
  • Use of AdSpirit for all RTB applications possible:
    • Deman-Side-Platform (DSP)
    • Sell-Side-Platform (SSP)
    • Trading desk / agency platform
    • Marketplace / ad marketplace
    • Yield optimiser / income optimisation
    • etc.

AdSpirit’s Private RTB Platform

AdSpirit is the independent technology provider in your back: We provide you with the technology – you do the business. Therefor our technology can be used in order to serve as a SSP, DSP or AdExchange. In oppose to other platforms, all connections are YOURS and not ours: You connect to a partner on a direct way and without any third party inbetween. This gives you a lot of advantages:

AdSpirit Private RTB Platform “normal” DSP “normal” SSP
Control Full control on your inventory, clients, bidding strategie and so on. You alone decide what happens. All advertiser- and publisher-relationships are yours. You can only control your campaign. You can’t control where the traffic is coming from or who is monitoring the traffic. Relatinships to websites belong to the DSP and not you. You can only control your website. Which advertisers can bid in which way and how often they can bid is unclear und up to the SSP. Advertiser relationships are not yours but belong to the SSP.
Margin You get the full margin from your bids – from sellside and buyside. DSP takes a fee on every bid/impression. Bidding is also fully intransparent and you don’t get insights into the real bidding strategy behind it. SSP takes a fee on every bid/impression or pays you less for every sold impression. Also it is fully intransparent if you really get the full pricing you deserve.
Transparency You get a full and unfiltered view on incoming and outgoing bidstream DSP only shows you small parts, often only the top 100 websites and not the full list. You don’t get further insights into the traffic. SSP only shows you small parts of the demand side.
Data All data used in the bidding process is yours and yours only – it is not shared with any third party. DSP are normally using the same data for all their clients. A bidding strategy that works good for you can easily be copied and help any other client of the DSP. SSP are normally using the same data for all of their clients. Bidding insights from your traffic can be used for other clients of the SSP in order to improve their results and not yours.
Recommended for … Advertiser with medium to large budgets. Publisher with medium to large amount of traffic. Advertiser with small budget and low demandregarding transparency and control Publisher with small amount of traffic

Headerbidding inclusive

If you are using AdSpirit you don’t need to use Headerbidding anymore – all DSP an Exchanges can be integrated driectly into the system, which makes headderbidding unnecessary. But for sure, if you anhow want/need to use headderbidding, AdSpirit is also ready and compatible to use and be used for headderbidding.

Protocols supported

AdSpirit innately supports various protocols which allow real-time links to major online marketplaces. AdSpirit clients are also able to trade easily and directly with each other. It is currently possible to link among others to the following marketplaces:

ref-ajillion ref-casale-media-index-exchange ref-epom
ref-ignitionone ref-inmobi ref-marsmediagroup
ref-mobads ref-rtmhouse ref-smaato
ref-sonobi ref-tapsense ref-tlvmedia
ref-zenovia … und viele mehr.

White paper

You can download our current white paper on real-time bidding here.

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